Glossybox: June 2020

First things first, I am back and I am currently an exam free zone – hooray! I’ve missed writing this little blog so much so I am really happy to be back with a post on something I am loving at the moment. This month’s Glossybox was AMAZING – the beauty gods answered all my prayers of all the things I have been wanting recently!

  1. Huda Beauty Life-Liner – Full Size (£18)

This is a dual ended eyeliner with a liquid liner on one end and a pencil liner on the other. Both are supposed to be waterproof which I have tested and can vouch is true. I’m also pleased to that this the eyeliner doesn’t seem watery and is a dark shade of black. I’m so surprised that this is a full sized product so am super impressed that this was included in the box. I used to be a frequent eye liner wearer so it will be nice to be able to return to the cat eyes (when and if I ever go outside!)

2. The Vintage Cosmetic Company Makeup Removing Cloths – Full Size (£7.99)

This was a bitter sweet product to receive. I’ve been looking for some reusable make up cloths for ages that I can use to cleanse my skins so I ordered some and they arrived the same day as this Glossybox – so now I have two sets of cleansing cloths! These clothes have a side for cleansing and a side for exfoliating the skin. Apparently, no cleansing lotions are needed which is hard to believe and I think I will continue to use my cleanser. They are really cute with animal print and will make a nice addition to my skin care routine as well as being eco-friendly!

3. LASplash Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brushes – Full Size (£15.00)

I have been saying to myself that I need to get some more eyeshadow brushes because I keep losing them – I feel like they go to the same place that the hair bands and hair clips go to, you know, the black hole! There is a fluffy brush for blending and building eyeshadow and angled eyeliner to sweep for more denser eyeshadows. I won’t profess to be an eyeshadow genius so these brushes are enough to keep me going. I’m quite surprised by how expensive they are so I’ll be interested to see if they work any better than my other brushes.

4. Modelco Liquid Metal Eyeshadow – Full Size (£15.00)

I’ve never used a liquid eyeshadow in my life so I found the whole concept really weird. That being said, I am an absolute lover of sparkly eyeshadows so naturally would never complain about receiving a gold shimmery eyeshadow. I have tried this out on my arm and am quite impressed by how long the colour lasts. I feel like the glittery element doesn’t travel too far but if rubbed enough will disappear leaving a slight orange tinge but the colour isn’t bad to be left with and doesn’t smudge at all. I’m excited to try this one out properly and see how it mixes with other eyeshadows I own.

5. Beautaniq Beauty Guardian Angel Eye Mask (£5.00)

I’ve never tried an eye mask and must admit that I suffer with dark circles and puffy bags under my eyes, especially from staring at computer screens all day so these couldn’t have come at a better time. These eye masks contain green tea, hyalouronic acid, cucumber and rose extract – the perfect combination to treat those eye bags. The great thing about Glossybox is you get to try items you never normally would and I have never thought to buy these before. Fingers crossed they are a good!

Do any of you subscribe to Glossybox? If so, what did you think about this month’s box?


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