Lockdown: Lost Stock Box

Disclaimer: I am getting absolutely nothing from writing this blog post. This honestly is just something I’ve seen and thought was worth sharing.

I’ve decided to write this post prior to receiving my box because I think it is such a great idea and want to make as many people as aware as possible. Last night, I found myself browsing the internet and came across something called Lost Stock Box… due to coronavirus, brands have cancelled orders for over 2 billion USD worth of clothes that have already been produced leaving workers unpaid, and at risk of starvation. By buying a box, a worker and their family are supported for a week – and you get some surprise new clothes! What could be better? So far, they have managed to help 40,000 workers, amazing!

Each box contains 3 items of clothing for £35 (+ delivery). Ordering is super simple and adapted to suit you – you tell them your size, whether you prefer neutral, bright or dark and whether you like plain or patterned clothing. I personally went for dark and patterned. Due to the demand, the box doesn’t arrive for a few weeks but I can’t tell you how excited I am for it to arrive. I will do a follow up post when the box arrives so that you can see what I got but for now, I really encourage you all to go and check out the website by clicking here!

Buying a box will not only help workers and your wardrobe, it will help the small start up company based in Edinburgh called Mallzee who started this box, who realised quickly that a humanitarian crisis may be on our hands due to orders being cancelled. Note: this box is only available in the UK currently.

On the website, they have some really great blog posts about the project including the below example of a worker that has been helped:

We donate a percentage of each sale to our NGO partner, SAJIDA Foundation, and these donations will go towards much-needed care packages. Each care package contains essentials to support a worker and their family for a week as in many cases they have no income. For example, Khodeja is a single mother who has constantly fought to provide for her three children. She supports her family through her business: buying and selling of recycled goods and this is now in tatters because of the lack of economic activity due to the COVID-19 crisis. SAJIDA Foundation, with support from IDLC, came forward to support her family with a package of food and daily essentials. They have some other amazing initiatives in progress too, SAJIDA have recently appointed volunteers who are continuously disinfecting five slums three times a day by spraying disinfectants. Twenty additional slums will be brought under the disinfection initiative in the coming weeks. They’ve also set up contactless handwashing stations to help prevent the virus spread.

Lost Stock website

I really find this project inspiring and look forward to receiving my box and hearing more about the people they have helped. Let me know if you decide to purchase a box!

Kate x


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