Online shopping without the spend: ASOS Edition

Since lockdown has started, I have REALLY struggled to resist online shopping. In fact, I’ve failed miserably and have been giving in to the temptation far too much. In bid to stop this, I have started a new blog series called ‘Online shopping without the spend” with various editions for different shops where I will list items that I would love to add to my basket but will not be buying. Of course, I had to start this series with my number fave, my BAE of online shopping, my life addiction…. ASOS. I’m not joking, I even wrote a 3000 word essay on the effectiveness of business management strategies of ASOS for my legal practice course (fyi. they aren’t doing so great and the likes of Boohoo are smashing them out the park!)

ASOS DESIGN Wide Fit Whittle toe loop mid-heeled sandals (£30)

So I’ll be honest – I’ve already broken the rules and ordered these in black. Then I spotted these amazing blue shoes and ordered them too, oops! These are so in fashion at the moment and even better are super low heels which will make brunching 1000% times easier! I can imagine the pop of blue with jeans an a graphic tee… or they’ll live in my wardrobe for ever because I always revert to my black heels, haha!

ASOS DESIGN mixed broderie trapeze mini smock dress in white (£28)

This dress just gives me holiday vibes. I absolutely love the pairing with the tan bag. The only thing that stops me from buying this is 1. quarantine and 2. I would 1000% ruin this within the first 5 minutes of wearing it. I really can’t wear white well but think this is such a pretty staple dress.

Topshop linen jumpsuit with tie waist in apricot (£45)

For some reason, this reminds me of my mum in the 90s. I’ve been absolutely loving jumpsuits recently as they are so effortless but look so cool – they also kind of feel like you’re in a giant onesie which is always a plus point. This would look great with a tan too and could be dressed up or down. I’m very VERY tempted to order this but think it’s quite pricey and my experience of Topshop jumpsuits have never been great. Love the colour though!

ALDO Martis top handle cross body bag in snake print (£50)

I spotted this straight after finding the apricot jump-suit above and through they would be a great match. Normally too many patterns can look quite tacky but I think the colour combo and patterns aren’t too much for this. This would look great with a black outfit or even jeans and a white/mustard/khaki top. Very versatile!

ASOS DESIGN maxi cardigan in fluffy yarn (£32)

I have a personal memo to myself to get a maxi cardigan. I have seen so many of these and think they look so chic. Not only do they look fashionable, they can hide a multitude of sins underneath. Great for pop to the shop or pair with some heels to dress it up a little. Also LOVING the culotte denim jeans and the scrappy heels (which are a bit like the blue ones included at the top of this post).

So, that was my first attempt at online shopping without the spend… it was basically a fail because I caved in on the shoes and am very tempted to order the jumpsuit but hopefully I can keep doing this for other online shopping cravings I get – which will be many! I would also love to know what pieces are your favourite and if you enjoyed this kind of post, any other shops you’d like me to have a shop around to pick my favourite bits. Thanks for reading.

Kate x


6 thoughts on “Online shopping without the spend: ASOS Edition”

  1. HAHAHA I loved this post!! 😂 I always spend too much time looking for clothes online and then never buy anything! I like how you made the most out of these useless hours 😂 I’d love to do something similar on my blog! Also, the shoes are amazing, glad you picked them up! 😉


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