Travel: Day trip to Mersea Island

We’ve recently bought a new car (an Audi TT called Arnold!) so naturally, I have wanted to drive anywhere and everywhere to get a good go behind the wheel. Our destination of choice last weekend was Mersea Island – a literal island in Essex situated very close to Colchester with the cutest beach front (it even gets cut off from the “mainland” when the tide comes in too high). We drove but I understand that you can get the train to Colchester and easily get a cab to the beach. I’m still quite anxious about going anywhere too far afield or heavily populated because of coronavirus so I kept my fingers crossed that it wouldn’t be too busy and luckily it wasn’t. While there was a fair few people there, we were able to navigate ourselves around them and find some space to enjoy the beach.

The main reason we headed here was because I’d seen many insta bloggers who had taken pictures of the rainbow beach huts. As soon as we got to the beach, I was squealing like a little girl at how cute they were. I would say that the beach huts span a mile across the front and look like a lovely rainbow and reminded me so much of neapolitan ice cream. Many of them have names – we saw a striped blue one called Bertie and immediately I was racking my brain trying to think about what colour and name I would give mine – I settled on a yellow one called Roger – I’m not sure why, it just seemed to fit!?

This is not like your typical Essex Southend beach front, Mersea Island is a really peaceful place with a sandy/stoney beach and once the tide goes out, there is a lot of beach to explore. There was a number of people doing water sports and some people building sandcastles. If you were feeling extra adventurous you could definitely buy a bucket from the single seaside shop and cafe and spend some time looking for crabs in the water. We settled on buying an ice cream from the shop (after queuing for 20 mins) and sat on a bench watching the world go by like a little old couple.

We spent about four hours just wandering around Mersea Island before heading home because there was no public toilet that I could see and my bladder isn’t that big! All in all, it was a lovely little day trip to the seaside and a place I would definitely recommend if you live in and around London.

So now I have buying a beach hut added to my bucket list… if you could have a beach hut – what colour would you pick and what would you call it?

Kate x


9 thoughts on “Travel: Day trip to Mersea Island”

  1. this colorful beach huts look really amazing xx i hope that someday i’ll visit them or some similars because they’re so cute and I would loved to take photos here

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