Lockdown: Lost Stock Box

. Last night, I found myself browsing the internet and came across something called Lost Stock Box... due to coronavirus, brands have cancelled orders for over 2 billion USD worth of clothes that have already been produced leaving workers unpaid, and at risk of starvation. By buying a box, a worker and their family are supported for a week - and you get some surprise new clothes! What could be better? So far, they have managed to help 40,000 workers, amazing!

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Top tips for effective revision

I have been a little quiet on the blog front recently as I have an exam for my LPC on Corporate Finance coming up. Instead of sitting in an exam hall, I will be taking my exam from home with a webcam watching me at all times for the whole 3 hours. I thought some of you on here may also have exams in the near future so thought it might be handy to tell you how I approach my revision and how I adapt my approach depending on the format of the exam.


3 nights in Budapest

For our 4th anniversary, we decided to take a trip to Budapest. We're always on the look out for a cheap break and was not disappointed by this one in the slightest. If you're looking for a fun but historical city with absolutely loads to do, I would definitely recommend here. It's a small city… Continue reading 3 nights in Budapest


Online shopping without the spend: ASOS Edition

Since lockdown has started, I have REALLY struggled to resist online shopping. In fact, I've failed miserably and have been giving in to the temptation far too much. In bid to stop this, I have started a new blog series called 'Online shopping without the spend" with various editions for different shops where I will list items that I would love to add to my basket but will not be buying. Of course, I had to start this series with my number fave, my BAE of online shopping, my life addiction.... ASOS.