Met Gala: My Favourite All-Time Looks

The first Monday in May is usually reserved for two things – bank holiday Monday and the Met Gala (both of which have been annoyingly been postponed!). Luckily for the UK, bank holiday Monday has only been postponed until Friday but the Met Gala is postponed for the forseeable future meaning we won’t get our fix of the best and worst outfits this year. For those of you who aren’t familiar, the Met Gala takes place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and features fashion industry’s biggest designers and celebrities. Each year there is a different theme – this year being “About Time: Fashion and Duration”. I always find myself stalking the internet the day after to see what everyone wore so thought it would be a fab idea to make a post of my favourite all-time Met Gala looks!

Beyonce, 2015

I couldn’t make a post without Beyonce being mentioned at least once. 2015’s theme was “China: through the looking glass” and I think Beyonce absolutely smashed it. This dress shows off her amazing curves whilst remaining classy. The beading on the dress is so delicate. I can’t quite work out what shoes she is wearing and I would have probably worn something a bit more dainty but she’s Beyonce, she looks fab (when doesn’t she!?)

Charlotte Casaraghi, 2016

I don’t know who Charlotte Casaraghi is but I know that I absolutely love this dress. It’s ugly and beautiful all at the same time. I am a massive fan off ruffles and combinations of colours. The theme for 2016 was Fashion in an Age of Technology which I’m not entirely sure this dress fits but an ombre effect ruffle dress was always going to be a top favourite of mine.

Lily-Rose Depp, 2017

I am not usually a fan of hot pink and you wouldn’t catch me ever wearing a dress in this shade. However, if I looked like Lily-Rose Depp, I would be delighted to wear this. I think this is such a pretty dress and the flower details on the shoulder make it so elegant.

Poppy Delevingne, 2016

This dress is like a woman in shining armour, mixed with the future, mixed with tassels, mixed with the 1920s – I absolutely love it. Granted I wouldn’t be able to stand still in it because I’d be too busy wiggling the tassels but this looks so amazing. I love her dark make up and light hair which I think suits the dress so well.

Kendall Jenner, 2015

I kind of feel like you could find this dress in Topshop around spring time ready for when everyone is off on their summer holidays. Nonetheless, this is another dress I’d love to get my hands on. The colour is to die for.

FKA Twigs, 2015

This is another one of those ugly but super cool dresses. I love how you can look at this dress and pick up on so many different images – it’s basically a collage mixed in the with a dress. I agree with black shoes but definitely not those ones. I would have swapped those out for a thinner black strappy saddle and maybe made her make up pop more.

Arizona Muse, 2014

I absolutely LOVE this look. This dress is perfection and fits her body so well – her waist looks so tiny! It was a great decision to scape her hair back so that the focus is completely on the dress. The bag distracts me a little but I guess even celebrities need their phone and a lipstick right?

Those are my favourite all time looks and I hope that sometime soon in the near future we’ll get to see ever more. What ones are your favourite?

Kate x


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