My 5 Favourite Eyeshadow Palettes

When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, I have to be extremely strict with myself! I’m one of those people that will come out of a beauty store (Sephora especially!) with various colours striped up my arm and hand looking like some kind of sparkly make up obsessed tiger! If it were up to me, I’d be buying a new eyeshadow palette every week but luckily I have my boyfriend to bring me back down to earth and remind me that I most likely already have that shade of brown or sparkly silver in my collection already…

I have a few firm favourite eyeshadow palettes that I always return to and some of you will most likely recognise. Here are my 5 favourite eyeshadow palettes ranked in order of preference:

I know that some people may think that Kylie Jenner has cashed in on her name and status but even if she has… her cosmetics are actually amazing – both her eyeshadows and lipkits. I always take this palette with me wherever I go because it’s so compact. The eyeshadows are pigmented, blendable and buttery and I can create so many looks with just 9 colours. This palette has warm tones, mattes, shimmers and a great black that can used as a liner. My only word of warning is if you’re shipping to the UK there may be a teeny tiny bit of custom tax but I’d do it all over again. No shame!

ABH eyeshadows are up their with the Kylie Cosmetics. Slightly on the pricey side but so so worth it. The palette has both warm and pinky tones. The gold and pinky silver shimmers are fab for adding on top of a look to make it sparkle. This is one of the very rare palettes that I can get away with using pink and red eyeshadows with making me look like I have some kind of a rash. Again, another palette that is versatile and can create many different looks – especially for date night!

Without sounding like an absolute make up snob – I never thought a £10 palette would become one of my favourites. My friend got me this for my birthday and thought oooo pretty colours but I’ve never heard of “Make Up Obsession” before! Well, let me tell you, these eyeshadows are amazing! They’re not as buttery as your Kylie’s and ABH’s of the world but they are so pigmented and definitely give the likes of Morphe are run for their money. I love these colours and often find myself dipping into the pink in the bottom corner for extra girly sparkles. If you come across this brand, I’d definitely purchase! Also, the sparkly packaging is so pretty!

The last two palettes on my list are a bit unfair – they are both Urban Decay and no longer available. Out of all the Naked palettes, Naked 1 was my favourite and one I still find myself reaching for. I can’t believe that they discontinued to the OG Naked Palette range. They are such a staple palette and great for a beginners collection. I do find that this palette can make my eyes look a little muddy but they’re great for a base eyeshadow.

I will always have a soft spot for this palette. This was the first palette I purchased from Urban Decay. I grew up lovely Gwen Stefani and thought this packaging was so cool and very luxury. I don’t think I’ll ever throw this one away. I don’t reach for it much as I find it is quite cool toned and gets a little lost on my eyes. The shimmery pink and blue at the bottom are also horrendously chalky but the gold yellow and top row of colours are great!

So, that was just a glimpse at my favourite eyeshadow palettes. What are some of your favourites? Be warned, I’m easily influenced when it comes to make up!

Thanks for reading!

Kate x


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